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The Advantages of Choosing Portable Granny Flats

Perhaps the time has come for Granny to move in. Parents getting older is never easy; having them close can make things much easier. Maybe your child is living with you while they attend university, and they need some personal space. Portable granny flats can keep your loved one nearby while allowing them the independence of their own space.

Many portable rooms come in set sizes with a standard layout, but when you work with Ace Portables, you are guaranteed a 100% custom-made portable granny flat.

Design the Ideal Private Space

Our demountable granny flats can be built in any configuration to suit the needs of the intended resident. Together, we can easily design the perfect open layout so that someone with limited mobility can move around without hassle.

You can add a bathroom, kitchen, and extra appliances. This gives your new neighbour the freedom to cook their meals and go about their daily routine without entering the main house. Furthermore, you can choose the doors, windows, and lights to create the perfect atmosphere.

For a young adult, you may want to add an enclosed office space for working and studying. This peace can be invaluable if younger siblings are in the house. Adding a dishwasher can also make their lives easier so they can focus on work.

We can also install an access ramp and handrails to make your guest more comfortable. This makes it easier for older family members to move around freely.
Dion Steiner, owner at Ace Portables
Portable building being transported on a truck

Multi-Functional Portable Spaces

Our relocatable granny flats can also suit a range of other purposes. A portable space is an affordable solution if you need a separate, quiet work-from-home office.

Another benefit of our portable granny flats is that they are constructed in our factory. This means that while we build the flat, you can prepare the site at the same time. With a permanent structure, the building would have to wait until the area was clear.

Experience the Convenience of a Portable Flat

Once you contact us for a quote, we can discuss your size requirements, budget, and add-ons. We strongly believe in realistic timelines and transparent progress reports, so you won’t ever be left wondering about your project.
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